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  • Astro
  • Node.js adapter for SSR
  • TypeScript
  • PostgreSQL

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Astro Starter

Astro is an all-in-one web framework for building fast, content-focused websites. SSR support with the Node.js adapter is preconfigured. Optional PostgreSQL database.

Astro with PostgreSQL

What is Diploi?

Diploi is the single SaaS service for managing, developing and hosting your full application.

  • Consistent

    • Consistent environments from development to production
    • Adoptable incrementally - start easy, grow later
  • One-Click

    • Fast 30 second new developer onboarding
    • One-click environment setup
    • Instantly shareable testing environments
  • Zero-Install

    • Zero-install remote development
    • Versatile support for any stack pre-build or custom
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